ХХVIth Career Fair for students and graduates

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The German association of People Universities, Lviv Regional Employment Center and Lviv Polytechnic National University invite students and graduates to the ХХVIth Career Fair.

The event will take place at Lviv Palace of Arts (Kopernik Str. 17) on October 10, 2015 from 10-00 to 16-00.

See http://lp.edu.ua/node/8436

GlobalLogic meeting with Lviv Polytechnic IT-students

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Lviv Polytechnic IT-students will meet with GlobalLogic specialists on September 22 , 2015 at 16-00 (room 116, 1-st educational building, Karpinsky Str. 2/4).

Students will be able to discover about IT-career at the company, the new set of C++ courses GL BaseCamp, and receive useful advices.

See http://lp.edu.ua/node/8443

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About LPNU



Lviv Polytechnic National University is the oldest technical higher educational institution in Ukraine and East Europe. It was founded as Technical academy in 1844. University consists of 16 institutes, 114 departments; autonomous, additional and general subdivisions.

From its early establishment Lviv Polytechnic has proved to be a powerful center of science and education in Europe, the generator of technical ideas and inventions. Based on many years of theoretical and experimental activities at the University were developed the scientific schools that are well known in Ukraine and abroad. They have leading positions in Ukraine in the following scientific and technical areas: nanomaterials and nanotechnology, new materials and technologies; energy- and resource-saving technologies; basic research of the most important natural, social and human sciences; advanced computer systems and information technology; instrumentation and measuring equipment.

Main research areas of Lviv Polytechnic National University:

  1. Problems of Economics and Management of innovative development of industrial and economic structures.
  2. Development of new energy- and resouce saving technologies in construction with taking into account trends in environmental management and conservation.
  3. Materials, components, tools and systems for telecommunications, radio, electronic and medical equipment.
  4. Resource saving technologies and management of intelligent systems in energy supplying of economic activity.
  5. Figure research and research of external gravity field of the Earth and planets, creating of GPS software and geospatial data bases.
  6. The movement of the Ukrainian nation for the revival of its statehood and development (early XX century - early XXI century.).
  7. Formation of human dwelling environment by architectural and city planning means.
  8. Development of theoretical bases and technology processes of new organic and inorganic substances and materials for various purposes, chemical and ecological monitoring of existing and new industries.
  9. Perspective computer systems and information technologies.
  10. Modern and technology and resource saving technologies in transport, industry, reliability and diagnostics of machines, structures and facilities.
  11. Development of theoretical bases, software engineering, mathematical software for computer, measurement and control systems and their metrological support and certification testing.
  12. Development of mathematical methods and physical-mechanical models and their applying to solving applied problems.

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